Netarhat- A beautiful Hill Station (Best Places to Visit in 2023)

Netarhat- A beautiful Hill Station (Best Places to Visit in 2023)

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About- Netarhat- A beautiful Hill Station (Best Places to Visit in 2023)

Netarhat is a small hill station in Jharkhand's Latehar district that is a hidden gem. Netarhat is known as the 'Queen of Chota Nagpur Plateau' because of its natural beauty. The extensive woods of Sal, Mahua, Kendu, Eucalyptus, Pine, and Pear trees dominate the hill station. Netarhat was previously a favoured vacation spot for British officers, who came here frequently to unwind during the summer. Netarhat is one of the lesser-known tourist destinations in India. Ranchi is 156 kilometres west of Netarhat, while Daltonganj is 210 kilometres. It's also known for the prestigious Netarhat School, which opened in 1954. Medicines are a must-have because pharmacy shops are unlikely to be found nearby.

Tourist places to visit

1. Magnolia Point Netarhat
Photo by : Pinterest

The Netarhat sunset point from Magnolia Point is well-known. The sunrises may be hampered by fog, but the sunsets are spectacular. Magnolia Point provides a breath-taking view.

If you look closely, you can see the sun's movement, from glowing brightly in the sky to gently going down and seeking shelter behind the massive Vindhya mountain ranges.

According to mythology, Lord Hanuman once swallowed the sun, mistaking it for a delicious fruit. Netarhat is thought to be the location where he ate the sun. Lord Hanuman was born in the nearby village of Anjan in the state of Jharkhand.

2. Netarhat Sunrise Point
Photo by : Latehar Tourism

The Netarhat sunrise point is the ideal place to observe the sunrise. This location is ideal for time-lapse photography. To see the dawn, go early in the morning.

It is half a kilometre to one kilometre away from the Netarhat bus station. You immediately notice the hills and trees appearing as black shadows against the clearing horizon as you wait in expectation for that wonderful reunion with the sun.

3. Lodh Waterfalls
Photo by : Wikimedia

Lodh falls is Jharkhand's highest waterfall and India's 21st highest waterfall. The most intriguing part of the fall is that its depth is unknown, and no one has ever succeeded in measuring it despite several tries.

It appears surreal since the fall is surrounded by blue hills and beautiful green trees. Because there is a monastery dedicated to Lord Budha nearby, Lodh falls is also known as Budha Ghag fall. The Lodh Falls are 60 kilometres away from Netarhat.

4. Lower Ghaghri Falls
Photo by : Tripinfi

Lower Ghaghri is Netarhat Jharkhand's second highest waterfall. Lower Ghaghri Fall is 10 kilometres from Netarhat and is surrounded by lush trees. The Ghaghri River is the source of the waterfall. The Lower Ghaghri Falls are surrounded by a tropical climate. July is the start of the rainy season, which lasts through September.

The best time to visit to truly admire the beauty of the fall is during the monsoon season, particularly in August, when the water level is high.

5. Upper Ghaghri
Photo by : Jharkhand Tourism

Upper Ghaghri Falls is one of Netarhat's most popular attractions. It is a breathtakingly gorgeous location set beneath the stars in the heart of a valley teeming with waterfalls.

Upper Ghaghri Falls is one of Netarhat's most popular attractions. It is a breathtakingly magnificent location set beneath the stars in a valley teeming with waterfalls that you must see. If you want to make your vacation even more memorable, go to the Ghaghri waterfall, which is located around 4 kilometres from Netarhat.

This location is well-known as a picnic site. Picnicking in the middle of the natural beauty is enjoyable.

6. Koel View Point
Photo by : Latehar Tourism

It's difficult to ignore the River Koel once you arrive at Netarhat. It is approximately 2 kilometres from the bus stop to the Koel View Point, which is located in the Chirpiness rainforests.

About 10 kilometres below the spot, the river runs. Tutua Paani, a highland settlement in the area, is the source of this song. Remember to keep an eye out for the river during moonlight evenings, when the water appears to turn into a silvery stream.

On the river's banks are clusters of small towns inhabited by primitive tribes such as Saarna Toli and Chaatan Jori, which encourage you to make some quick notes or take random photographs with your camera, documenting their fascinating ways of life.

7. Netarhat School
Photo by : Prakash Bhagat

A fantastic learning environment where kids are taught to live frugally and to be self-sufficient.

Netarhat Vidyalaya is the final GURUKUL - the technique is based on Gurukul Paddhati - living away from home in Ashrams, wearing basic, country-made clothing. Treating your lecturers with respect and treating other pupils as if they were Guru Bhai.

Netarhat School is 156 kilometres from Ranchi in Jharkhand, on a hilltop at a height of 3600 feet.

The beautiful splendour of the areas around the school is well-known.

It is a residential school that admits pupils based on a competitive exam. Those who cannot pay the fee are given a scholarship by the state government.

The teaching language is shudh hindi. Sports, academics, and extracurricular activities are all given equal weight.

8. Pine Forest and Pear Orchard
Photo by : Prakash Bhagat

Netarhat's attractiveness is enhanced by the presence of a pine forest and pear orchards. It's ideal for instagramming because of the long pine trees and pear orchards. Get lost in the beautiful woodland to get away from the stressful city life.

Enjoy the experience as you make friends with nature as you travel through the pine forest. It's generally chilly here, but it's somewhat warmer than the rest of the city.

Until recently, it served as the governor's vacation residence.

9. House of Chalet
Photo by : Saurabh Singh

The French term "chalet" means "wooden home."

This is a Netarhat antique structure constructed of wood logs. It was founded in the early twentieth century under the reign of Sir Edward Gate, L.G. of Bihar and Orissa. It was originally utilised by British officers as a summer exodus to meet with local powerful village heads. It is now used as the D.C. Latehar camp office.


In the Netarhat tourism area, there are a few more waterfalls and tourist spots. It is possible to view all of the tourist attractions in Netarhat in two to three days.

Things to do

1. Trekking

Beautiful Pine plantation and green sal forest gives an immense pleasure for a trekker. Trekking down small waterfalls hidden in lush green forest is one of the must do things when in Netarhat.

2. Stargazing

Clear skies due to high altitude and minimum light pollution this place is a gem for night sky lovers. One can witness crystal clear stars twinkling in the night sky.

3. Camping

Camping near pine forest is a must if you are an adventure seeker. Lovely climate and beautiful ambience will definitely take your heart away.

4. Farmfresh Pears

Pears (Nashpati) is one of the fruit which you'll find in abundance here. You should definitely give a try to farmfresh Nashpati which usually has a fruiting season during July. If you want to see a pink blossom of pears do visit in February.

5. Boating

Netarhat also has a dam in the heart of the town. One should try boating which is offered by the locals here.

Weather & Best Time to Visit

1. Netarhat Weather and Best Time to Visit

Netarhat's summer's last from March through June, with temperatures ranging from 25 to 30 degrees Celsius. July marks the start of the rainy season, which lasts through September. Between November and February, temperatures can dip to as low as 8 to 12 degrees Celsius.

The months of March and April are ideal for visiting Netarhat. The best time to come is between November and February, if you want to enjoy the harsh winters. Monsoon is melodious.


How to Reach

By Airways

Ranchi Airport is the closest airport from Netarhat which is about 150 km.

By Railways

Nearest Railway Station to Netarhat is Latehar which is around 80 km from Netarhat. While Ranchi has more arriving trains from different parts of the country.

By Roadways

Netarhat is well connected by Road from Ranchi, Gumla, Jashpur (Chhattisgarh) and Ambikapur (Chhattisgarh).

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More About Netarhat

Netarhat is the Plateau's highest hill and is part of the Chota Nagpur Plateau. Besides the fact that the area was inhabited by several tribes for a long period of time.  Netarhat was excluded from city life and travellers for many years after India gained independence. In recent years, Netarhat has grown in popularity as a tourist destination in the state.

The undiscovered beauty of Netarhat hill station will capture your attention at first glimpse, and the rich, raw, and surreal surroundings will make you want to return time and time again.

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